American Hero John Lewis

July 18th, 2020

My hero, a guide in spirit and love.
Good Trouble.
A true peaceful warrior.
what he gave us we must learn and carryon.
He gave us a spirit gift.
An example to follow…
His devotion to decency and fairness is inspiration for a great nation…

AG Barr of injustice

June 25th, 2020

AG Barr , king Don’s pick for destroying the already broken Justice system for the purpose of protecting his criminal friends and administration officials,is doing his best to break democracy.believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. They are trying to fire every independent investigator and saying that they are just doing normal business, nothing to see here. They are protecting their power at the cost of justice and trying to ordain their king by the will of god . enough of this shit, we made this country to end this shit, among other things.

The breathing

June 17th, 2020

If you have the freedom and privilege to use your mind to entertain and believe in conspiracy theories to attempt to understand the world, you might think you are being kept from breathing because of a mask that is fashion-demode today to protect others from covid 19. But having to take care of others by function of government seems foreign to you. Your mandate to act ignorantly isn’t law. Sacrificing some comfort for your neighbor is good practice. Your country asking you to help your neighbors regardless of the reason or cause is good practice for democracy. For people by people. with science. Participation in a common goal of defeating a virus.
It isn’t dictatorship, it is being a good neighbor. Weather you believe the Chinese deliberately released the covid virus or two large governments failed to act in time to prevent needless death, we should be willing to help our neighbors and fight the virus by doing our part, taking personal responsibility (which is supposedly a “conservative” value) for your country. this is where the rubber hits the road. we can’t rely on leaders like Trump to look out for us. he isn’t and doesn’t. we need to take this country back and we can start by continuing to mitigate the pandemic that is a real thing. If you don’t feel normal wearing a mask, then how do you think Americans feel about having a president that makes it hard for them to breath in freedom.
It seems that when Black people cant breath, it seems to be some problem that they don’t want to be choked out. How dare they ask that their lives be respected. It seems like life isn’t allowed. It seems like immense complex intellectual constructs are erected to choke out peoples breath when they speak of injustice. ‘People play the victim.’ it is easy to say that they’re peddlers of victimhood, just like the white people who are victimized by hearing about the racism still killing people every day. How bloody inconvenient…

The Great American Ignorance, making the American Ignorant feel great.

June 6th, 2020

Just because you have the privledge to be ignorant, and the freedom to spread lies that you believe in your heart, doesn’t mean we cant do an end run around your making Americas ignorance greater again. Democracy marches past and around your complicity with authoritarianism and your desire for the Trumpian demagoguery of totalitarian desire to be the most powerful dictator ever.

there is your president calling for martial law.

June 1st, 2020

how great is that again?
what is great? Again?
do you still like your dictator ?
How far do you want this to go?
How fervent is your nationalism?
Did you see your president posing with a damaged church holding a bible?
For a photo op for his evangelical base?
how polarized do you want to be before you enjoy the idea of the military moving into the cities. Trump speaks like a Dictator.
your guy…
will you enjoy a war against your imaginary enemies , your fellow citizens?

When Idiots push back, it goes viral

May 24th, 2020

Stupidity replicates and spreads its self.
a free country dosn’t have to be a stuupid country does it?

Why, President needs to pander to his base and tell them their going to church is “essential”? They are essential to his campaign to get re-elected! That is why. Never-mind that the suggestion and evidences that a large gathering of people at this time is almost gauranteed to spread more pandemic viral death. far beyond just those who would attend such slaughters.

Essential Death cult Joins in on end times revival to swear to re-elect Devil working for gaad to serve the next coming of death to the rest of you, so who cares , the chosen are all going to be swooped up in the heavenly spaceship of covid 19 Rapture deliverance.

The mechanisms of human manipulation are ever present in the manipulation machine that is organized religion, and as proven through history, it is deadly seriously dangerous. Modern times, or now the age of science (haw haw) , don’t make it any less dangerous when motivated by a fear and ignorance. These are modes of thinking devised long before the foot hold of any large democracy of any kind. [citation needed] Pre enlightenment era mind control lives today. it still spreads its viral destruction amid the modern scientific deliverance from ignorance. Science can be used for evil as well as any knowledge. But the question is, Who is vetting the knowledge or the use of it? Are you? Science , by definition always questiones its self, and if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be science or a peer reviewed way of seeking truth.

Religion can do good, but it can, as an organized movement become a case of tragic destruction to human kind.
It is a magnet for those who are unworthy of the position of leader of the flock. Thus you find destructive and unworthy practices no where near what Christ taught. So many times people try to scour the bible looking for excuses to sanction their bad behavior. If the flock cant check their pastor , it aint worth a shit. You can serve god but you don’t need to serve the selfish impurities of the pastor or the person at the stage. They aren’t god, and how would you know ?

To insist I take a “leap of faith” guarantees that you may think I am someone who may likely be led by the nose to do almost anything for eternity. Consequences in this life don’t matter if the pastor tells you to do or follow something you otherwise know is bad. For a higher (corrupted self serving) purpose..
People need guidance. Plenty of corrupted people are willing to accept your leap of faith and lead you to a slaughter, they are committed to it. You may be a soldier in their commitment to an evil vision decorated in pious cloths.

civilization stupidization, bastardization

May 17th, 2020

Wasn’t it great how Trump didn’t form a functional government and every one said. Oh , maybe he will become “presidential” one day.
Meanwhile he fired every one who has integrity and were busy fighting corruption in our country and the world over on our behalf. Our “invisable” patriots. You got to learn about their greatness as he systematically fired and slandered them, and he continues to do. He never bothered to fill many important positions necessary for functional government. Everyone said, wow , look , we have no government except for this joker , and omg the people who are patriots are being singled out because they have a brain and integrity. They are of no use to Trump. He only hired a cabal of criminal actors, compromised has-beens and liars, foreign agents and racists as advisors. All the while defunding and breaking up important protective organizations. Actions to make himself look like he is a fiscal conservative I guess.
What he really did is leave us vulnerable. Trump supporters didn’t seem to notice the wrecking ball that Trump is because they believe the second coming bull crap, all the great again lies. Trumpers might finally notice now that it has finally come to roost, Perhaps now that they feel the actual effects of horrible leadership , they may realize that it now affects them. All the sunshiny propaganda about great again is a huge load of garbage and a coverup for zero actual leadership. Perhaps people will see that he ignored and did nothing when he should have been getting ahead of the curve, not like now. trying to play catch up and mitigating the position we are in now.

We would have been in a way better position regarding covid 19 if our president were removed from office when he was impeached. furthermore , our defense against global pandemics would have been in place if a democrat won the presidential election. They would have not dismantled the functional parts of government necessary for continuing the defense of our nations people and way of life.
We lost our way and now we are playing catch up. after months of denial, it is time to face it, Trump gave you Covid 19 by looking the other way and pretending it was no big deal until he couldn’t deny it any more, and he continues to blame others and not himself for his lack of vision beyond his own ego centric nepotistic style..

Can I get a witness?

February 1st, 2020

Did any one see the united states constitution get thrown into the trash and power and corruption let to benefit the slugs currently in the senate who didn’t want to see any evidence and promote the absurd assertions in defense for the president? It is a congress of party , not the constitution, political calculations, to serve the party apparatus of corrupt unfairness instituted by the senate majority leader. There was no trial, there was only an error.
Several errors where power was used to obfuscate the truth rather than expose it and delineate therefore to the solutions of a serious democracy.
A constitutional democracy isn’t worth a shit if they cant perp walk a crook out office on occasion. What an opportunity we wasted to show the world how a democracy works. No , rather we became a bit more like the dictators of the world. Worthless despotic lawless thieves of power and capitol. Given away by the willing ignorant happy red hatters

droning on with the vaninity bombing

January 12th, 2020

look in the mirror so presidential.
don’t look at the peach implicated in the articles.
Nancy will deliver them impeccably…

expose the unconstitutional hypocrates who pledge to be partisan and ignore the constitunal duty to impartiality.
the enemy within aims to deny the constitution by making rules to suite their own power play rather than the justice that the constitution provides for.
the enemy is coruption, not immigrants etc..

there is an implicated secondary type of nepotism going on here , a sort of denyal of justice and only favoring the party or family despite the rampant corruption, at this point it is a crime family and all the lying republicans who pledge to coordinate with the peresident forgot what the united states constitution is or they are enemies of the united states through the mob like affiliation with the supporting the president and serving his lies to the masses. the justifications of a shifty mind and hiding behind titles and propeganda and party hook bumpersticker beliefs they are all likely dirty with a money from an evil and or foriegn source that they are beholden to.
they want to steal the environment and polute their way to profit and kill your grandchildren with the destruction or our natural heritage, all for the vainity of thier private interest in stealing the air and earth and choke you to death with out your knowing and laughing at the regulators.

trumpian terrorist spawn

December 29th, 2019

trumpian terrorism bullying and non attributable threats and mob mentality movements of banal idiocratic terrorism and jokers with evil disassociations from actual reality. the bane of democracy , Trumpo and his followers. non humanity association with war criminal behavior popular with people fantasizing about retribrutal vengeance misplaced with reality creating terrorism and the vision of what being American means and having a constitution and stuff, ever thought about what being American means? is it reveling in the ideology of vengeance sans humanity to impose your identity on others in reaction to an injustice, who is the terrorist now dumbass. are you sure you weren’t a terrorist before?
In America we have this free thought thing. why don’t more of you fucking think rather than try to hit people over the head with political epithets. i make up my own with thought. others like to repeat bs because it is a common mobbish mindless repetition of unproven emphatically vociferated garbage emotionally designed to relieve you of free thought and providing the feeling of belonging to a larger thoughtless population vindicated by their own intellectual abdication to idiotic conspiracy theorists.